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Believe me the Internet has drastically changed how most businesses build promotion for their brands. Website marketing is not excluded from this drastic change. Business Insider, 40% of buyers are using the search engines to get more information as process purchasing decisions.

  • WEBSITE MARKETING - Internet marketing is, unfortunately, one of the fastest-moving, most hyped and confusing areas of website marketing. To be certain, there are many charlatans and lots of overpriced software and SEO services out there, but don't let this distract you from the very real benefits that can be derived from Internet marketing.

    When some people start talking about 'Internet marketing' they are really only thinking about search engine optimization (SEO). The next person you speak to might be single-minded about banner advertising or pay-per-click campaigns, like Google Adwords. In reality there is no silver bullet - there are many techniques and each of them can be productive in the right circumstances. The most important thing is to make sure that you are employing the most effective strategy for your business.

    Internet marketing techniques are often divided into two types: 'push' and 'pull' methods.

    'Pull' marketing techniques are methods of getting people to come to your site, where your content and promotional materials are located.

    This includes:

    search engine optimization
    online advertising
    pay-per-click campaigns like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing
    banner advertising and banner exchange
    online directories and links on other sites
    referrer and reseller programs
    viral marketing

    'Push' marketing means finding ways of distributing your content and brand more widely, with the eventual outcome of increasing traffic to your web site.

    This includes:

    targeted email marketing via opt-in email lists
    newsletters and ezines
    industry or general interest mini-sites
    free services and cool stuff
    customer management programs
    Internet Marketing with Kampala Web Design

    Kampala Web Design is very proud of our track record in Internet marketing, having helped many of our clients get the most 'bang for their buck' by employing simple and effective techniques, tailored for their business. Because so many other businesses have been disappointed by their Internet marketing results, particularly in relation to their costs, we have endeavored to remain vendor-independent and open minded about the strategies that we design and employ for our customers.

    Typically, we employ the following methodology:

    assist our clients to analyse their industry and marketing needs
    decide and document a marketing strategy
    research best-practice examples, products and services
    develop marketing content and design materials
    deploy marketing campaign, monitor and measure results

    With extensive experience and understanding of the industry, we can assist you to assess and implement a broad campaign involving many techniques or a targeted campaign employing only one or two, including:

    search engine optimization
    online advertising such as Google AdWords,
    click-through banner ads and banner
    exchange online directories and links on other sites
    viral marketing
    newsletters and ezines
    develop general interest mini-sites or public services in your site
    customer management and retention tools

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