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About Kampala Web Design

I‘m Carlos Olaaka, owner of Kampala web design also known as Kla web design in Uganda. I‘m best know for my illustration and design work with Kampala web design. Here is my family who support me with the work I do at Kla Web Design. Josiah, Carlos, Gillian, Judah we are the Olaaka's.

  • TRIED AND TRUSTED - As a company, we have been working in the web design area since 2004, and a look at our portfolio can clearly show the quality of our work. With our websites and emails hosted using servers in the USA, we guarantee security and reliability.
  • OUR WEBSITES ARE - Modern, creative and aesthetically pleasing. • Functional, flexible and easily administered. • Focusing on your business' objectives and values to represent the company and promote it worldwide. • Can be optimized for search engines
  • ABOUT US - Kampala Web Design Limited is a registered company in Uganda that exists to bring people the best in Website design services. We believe that the internet is an invaluable tool and asset to people in many different walks of life, and thus we pride ourselves on adapting our services to suit our client’s particular needs. From very basic websites to larger sites with full Content Management Systems, no one else in Kampala offers the quality and affordability combination that we do. With expertise in every area of Web Design services, Kampala Web Design deals in web design, email hosting service, domain name registration, graphic / logo design, networking, hardware and software consultation, and much more
  • KNOWLEDGE - Kampala Web Design was found by Paster Brian Kelly and Carlos Olaaka. Brian Kelly returned to the USA in 2010. I have since then been running the operations of Kampala Web Design. I am a computer guy with absolute knowledge in IP Switching and Sub-netting, A+, Server platforms etc. My passion however lies with website design, it always amazes me how files are put on a blank page to produce fantastic graphical impressions with functionality that meets ones expectations.

    My knowledge of web designing, is very extensive i have been working in this industry since 2004 and developed 100's of websites and illustrations i work with the following very comfortable

    Here are some of our Skills

  • HTML
  • ColdFusion
  • PHP
  • ASP VBScript
  • XSLT (Entire page)
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • TYPO 3
  • PHP
  • VB
  • MSQL
    and many more...

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